The agency

At Just Happiness, we don’t take happiness lightly.
We take the time to nurture it with our values. We have made it a state of mind, a management style.
The result? A tight-knit tribe of very human earthlings. Double-digit growth. A place in the Top 15 French “Happy at Work” companies.
And many, many happy customers.

Our obsession is: to make you happy

Happy to have been listened to and understood.
Happy to have chosen a communications agency that knows how to target and hit the mark.
Happy to see the power of a creative idea carrying your message to the heart of your audiences.
Happy to make a difference when we showcase what sets you apart.
Because we love surprising you by taking your brief where you least expect it to go…
We can’t help it.
We can never be satisfied with simply satisfying you.

Because being happy,
is serious business !

As the philosopher once said:
Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.

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Just Happiness is Happy at Work certified.

We’ve been awarded Agile at Work and Happy at Work certification for our management methods for the 2nd year running, for quality of life at work.
In 2019, the agency was ranked among the top 15 French companies to work for.


Happy & responsibles

People and their happiness count just as much for us as the quality of our work. Naturally, we’re committed to an all-embracing CSR approach to uphold our values. Just Happiness is a signatory of the UCC Grand Sud Active and Responsible Agency Charter.