BoCal – Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

BoCal is an initiative launched by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole to promote the consumption of local and quality products. This approach is part of a growing popular desire to adopt healthier food and to promote regional companies and producers.

Communication campaign

The challenge

Publicise the approach and raise awareness of these issues among consumers/individuals.

Our response

Creation of a “label” brand to encourage the development of short circuits and to roll out a brand environment strong enough to qualify and lend credibility to the approach.


Symbolise the process

The Good, Local label.

Bocal is delicious, reflects health and eating well, and focuses on proximity and a return to tradition. Bocal is all about what is good for us and for the planet.

A distinctive, differentiating, endearing, easily remembered name, based on wordplay with Bon (French for “Good”) and Local.

A paper and digital guide

To discover, inform yourself and find your way through the sometimes opaque and complex network of local producers and companies. A complementary guide and website designed to, among other things, list local markets, producers and shops that have adopted the BoCal approach. As a bonus, there are recipes that you can make at home, which are tasty, very easy and above all very BoCal !

A web series to showcase local participants

Creation of a concise, indispensable BoCal event to learn more about the process, its challenges and the people involved. Several films, already shot and in the process of being shot, highlight the actions undertaken by local authorities, providing information on producers, trades, locations… in line with the BoCal approach.

The Metropole meets the countryside

Because food has become a real social issue, the local council went to meet the Montpellier locals to share the principles of BoCal, a brand designed and created for them.

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