Engie Solutions

Engie Solutions wanted to set up an online trade show booth booking platform to meet its events-related needs throughout the year. A tool to centralise trade show and events requests made available to the group’s various companies.

The challenge

To provide a highly accessible and user-friendly tool that combines the wide range of solutions available to meet every need, whatever the event.

Our response

A personalised web platform that speaks volumes:

LEON, ON-LINE Event Logistics, embodies a steadfast commitment with the creation of a brand naming and identity together with a graphic design signature. The tailor-made platform’s design allows users to create, customise and order their exhibition space in just a few clicks referring to a range of pre-configured & modular booths. In short, it is the answer to all the brand’s event needs.

This project is the result of a joint effort with the Himalaya agency, in charge of the design, manufacture and logistics of the stands.

A user-friendly interface

Can you place an order quickly and in just 5 steps? This was achieved through an intuitive user path and clear ergonomics! Add to this a stripped back artistic design with coding inspired by the app, and you get a fun and highly accessible platform. It’s as simple as LEON!

Full customisation

The interface offers rich configuration options, the customisation of visuals and the calculation of transport costs.

On the technical side, LEON can be proud of its features. The chosen framework allows for robust & reliable web project customisation, dynamic content, a wide range of optimisations, front-office account management with multiple user levels and an intuitive and easy to use back-office. Phenomenal potential behind a simple web design!


A Green code!

In line with Engie Solutions’ CSR approach and the agency’s ambitions in the way we build projects, the LEON platform has been eco-designed to minimise our ecological impact : an energy-saving “Dark mode”, lighter visuals to optimise loading speed, and a “green coded” interface, which uses fewer resources… LEON offsets its carbon footprint 100%.

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