Established 50 years ago in an old barn in the south of France, the famous Focus fireplace brand is a real success story and continues to amaze us with its awe-inspiring fireplaces in the world’s most beautiful settings.

The challenge

To support Focus in its brand emancipation and plan ahead for the new 2022 eco-design regulation.

Our response

A strong brand platform and robust brand messages that showcase Focus’ values and banish banality. A creative approach that breaks the mould and helps shape the aesthetic qualities and uniqueness of its new products. A comprehensive digital roll-out campaign to develop a market entry strategy and reputation.

Conveying a legacy

A legacy of creation!

Co-construction was the watchword in defining Focus’ characteristic positioning. Its creative DNA, avant-garde vision and unique expertise are revealed in the manifesto and new tone of voice of this brand that combines art with engineering.

A new home in digital technology

2020 marks a new turning point for Focus: its iconic Gyrofocus is unveiled in a gas version. This is a technological achievement and a world first, which deserves to be put in the spotlight.

An editorial policy translates the manifesto into everyday language and guides the digital voice. At the heart of the corporate discourse comes a social media launch, with product-oriented posts. Social Ads and Google Ads acquisition campaigns complete this launch project.

Generating the spark

Read on to discover the story of this incredible new product: the Gyrofocus mini-site is adorned with the brand’s artistic codes, using its storytelling language and its immersive design to take you into the product’s universe with just one click. As you scroll through the pages, the Gyrofocus can be admired from all angles, thanks to a playful and original approach that highlights its unique feature : its rotation !

And because there’s something for everyone, we’ve thought of those who may prefer the product in white, so all you need to do is simply switch to make this possible!

> Explore the Gyrofocus Gas website 

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