INSPI was founded in January 2020 when two companies with complementary expertise merged. SPI SOFTWARE, a specialist in ERP and CRM solutions, merged with INNERSENSE, an expert in 3D configurations and modelling.

  • A brand platform
  • Logo and identity design
  • Website design

The challenge

To support Inspi during the merger of both companies, to create a strong brand able to champion its expertise.

Our response

A brand platform with character that dares to proclaim itself as an expert in a competitive sector where generally only the big names call the shots. A modern identity that uses digital graphic design codes for a 100% digital brand. A bespoke, bold website reflecting the brand’s creativity and avant-garde spirit.

Creating the obvious, in a few words ...

A combination of expertise nurtured by a DNA profile in which innovation and quality of service are inseparable tenets. A bold character profile with an empirical approach conveying the outline of a strong and distinguishable brand platform like Inspi.

Combining the right codes

Translate the image of a modern, digital, avant-garde brand, whose competence is demonstrated through skilfully mastered and recognised professional knowledge. Inspi is now a brand that is asserting itself, that has adopted remarkable graphic codes and that has a baseline designed to match its ambitions: turning dreams into deals.

Building trust by demonstrating expertise

The rules governing the classic web store window are no more. Inspi’s website has been designed with a more daring browsing experience, where content, solutions and product animations are adapted to the user’s occupation. An excellent demonstration of responding to the business requirements of its target!


A 100% tailor-made layout

A modern identity, which reflects a digital positioning reinforced by the use of electric and explosive colours and shading. The graphic design is minimalist but effective (less is more), the typography is highlighted like the visuals in uncluttered, central compositions.

Designed to evolve

The templates are built in block designs: each block is entirely autonomous, allowing the client to compose future pages or recompose their pages with complete freedom in order to offer personalised content in line with the sectors and solutions in which they are experts.

Dynamic down to the last detail

Accessibility considerations are reflected in the use of automated carousels and call-to-actions that can be activated by play/pause, and the use of strong visual contrasts. Some blocks benefit from micro-interactions, bringing dynamism, interactivity and an additional playful dimension to add life to the page.

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