Livret Sport – Sport 2000 France

The Livret Sport savings scheme is a complementary loyalty programme created by Sport 2000. It encourages people to practice a sport by converting their efforts into points and those points into loyalty vouchers. The more you’re active, the more you win!

The challenge

Foster understanding and awareness of the new programme through a dual benefit for customers by combining two environments (sport and financial benefits) which don’t have an immediately obvious connection.

Our response

Deployment of a comprehensive system based on an educational and motivational approach, which relies on the insight of materially rewarded effort.

A solution based on a strong brand unit, a persuasive product demonstration film and an immersive digital and in-store presence. Guerilla marketing and presence at events boosted the impact of the Livret Sport launch throughout France.

Robust all-purpose branding

A dynamic and stylish logo comprising the sports promoted by the group’s three flagship brands. Every brand has its own style: this logo features the traditional colours of the Sport 2000 France Group subsidiaries involved in the launch of the Livret Sport.

A fun & challenging creative concept

How do you show points gained, which is the core principle of the Livret Sport ? By using graphic codes from the gaming sector. Illuminated gauges appear on the athlete’s journey to encourage progress towards their goal: securing a new loyalty voucher.

An inspirational film

Sometimes all it takes is a word or an image to trigger new vocations and new goals. We made a film brimming with empathy and energy so that everyone can identify with the characters and take this message on board.

A cross-platform activation campaign

The Livret Sport campaign took to Facebook and Instagram to unveil a teaser a few days before the programme was launched. Numerous publications have also been posted to these platforms to share “tutorial” content. By providing examples, step-by-step instructions and feedback, internet users can understand how easy it is to use the Livret Sport platform and enjoy all its advantages. Stories, instant experiences and carousels are some of the formats to make these messages easier to read. Several email campaigns promoted the Livret Sport Challenges as a key feature of the programme to win large prizes.

POS & Co

Shopfitting, from the bottom of the stands to the top of the aisle end displays, from the entrance to the checkout area. Contextualised POS by department and type of sport, for even more relevant targeting. Any questions? The sales staff are trained in the subject and have a complementary guide to answer any questions. A detailed leaflet is also provided to customers at the checkout.

Guerilla marketing and events

The Livret Sport programme also operates at local level to surprise and reward cyclists completing the Semnoz mountain challenge as well as runners in Annecy, supported by François d’Haene.

The Livret Sport was also a guest at the Martin Fourcade Nordic Festival, marking the point when guerilla marketing becomes a celebration.

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