Planet Ocean Montpellier

Formerly known as the Mare Nostrum Aquarium and the Galileo Planetarium. In 2018, these two structures merged to become Planet Ocean Montpellier and create a unique journey of discovery.

  • Logo and identity design
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Website redesign
Visual identity

The challenge

To create a new brand universe that embodies the venue’s promise and values.

Our response

Build a rich, detailed, dreamlike brand environment. Graphic creations that contribute to the immersion, like a story, a tale that continues with each communication campaign.

One logo, two worlds

A ray for the ocean and a rocket for space. Together they represent the journey, exploring the new dream world of Planet Ocean.

A strong identity

A world that is expressed through a graphic charter with subtle, glacial colours, with font that are rounded and almost childlike.

An imagination dispenser

Seasonal campaigns that cultivate special moments. Outsized species, ever more magical worlds and visitors who become explorers. Visuals so imaginary that they border on breath-taking drama. An almost regressive identity that harks back to childhood.

On the air
Winter 2018 campaign
Spring 2019 campaign
Summer 2019 campaign

Heading for the big Net !

An immersive and playful website, where the visual experience is king. Dive straight into the deep end of Planet Ocean for a life-size preview. A website that delivers all the promises of the venue :  to explore, learn and be amazed.

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