Sport 2000 France product campaigns

To promote its commercial offers and flagship products, Sport 2000 uses both print and web media : from photo shoots to brochure editing, from designing the next email campaign to social media activation, we assist the brand in producing its communication media.

  • Product catalogue design
  • Photo & video shoots
  • Web and social media
  • POS advertising

The challenge

To best promote Sport 2000’s commercial operations yet remain loyal to a more human and authentic brand platform.

Our response

Catalogues that showcase realistic, human and relatable photos as an extension of the brand platform. Adapting and launching campaigns on multi-channel print and web media. Knowing how to constantly reinvent yourself by offering new ideas and perspectives to optimise the results of the campaigns.

Product catalogue design

From the brief to the photo shoot plans, the catalogue lays the foundations for the campaign: which products are showcased, from which angle, in which setting, in what atmosphere? This is a painstaking task for the studio team as each block of images, each placement hook has an impact on the media’s visual appeal.

Photo and video shoots

The photo shoot is a vital phase to showcase the product and contextualise it in a given environment. We use mood boards, goals and objectives, select models and create the road book to master these key stages which influence the quality of a campaign.

Shooting with Grizi

Digital technology arrangements

The campaigns are also broadcast in videos on social networks. We use graphic design codes borrowed from social media to inject added energy and freshness to our story format or in-feed publications. This reaches a core target audience that expects bold, modern content. Landing pages, mail shots and web banners complete these digital formats.

Where to buy

Roll out of in-store campaigns: ambient or product visuals, price highlighting, point-of-sale advertising is a crucial step in the customer journey. A meticulous and exact exercise that our studio has mastered to perfection.

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