Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière

A 5* campsite based in the south of France, with facilities worthy of a holiday village, which has more and more visitors every year. Their secret? Acquiring and retaining new customers always requires a well thought-out communication strategy!

  • A brand platform
  • Website redesign
  • Social media
  • Communication campaign

The challenge

Gradually migrate the brand’s positioning towards a more premium environment, without destabilising the campsite’s regulars.

Our response

Definition of a new brand platform in line with the Domaine’s new positioning. To focus the new communication on the experiences, emotions and sensations felt at the Domaine de la Dragonnière.

Capitalise on holidaymakers’ feelings

Domaine de la Dragonnière is much more than a campsite, much more than a holiday: it is very special memories, in a setting and with services that go beyond the popular perception of camping. To capitalise on the image of the premium holiday village, we are using an experiential brand platform with a promising baseline : Little moments make big memories. From benchmarks to workshops, the foundations of this new platform make it possible to envisage a whole new world of communication for the brand.

A user-oriented redesign

Several workshops with the client and dedicated teams have enabled the outlines of this redesign to be created. As an extension of its new brand platform, the site will be UX first, favouring a more intuitive and fun navigation : a questionnaire to suggest accommodation to future holidaymakers based on their needs, preferences and family size, a comparison tool to choose the ideal accommodation and detailed accommodation sheets that invite you to make all sorts of plans.

Social media : creating conversation

An editorial policy has been designed specifically for social media communication. We have focused the brand on a human, almost intimate approach: it is personal, based on feedback from customers, slices of life that conjure up memories, sensations and emotions experienced at La Dragonnière. In this way, the brand reconnects with its target audience by showing real moments of relaxation, moments for yourself.

Displaying its new positioning

The brand’s new identity is also expressed in print in a gentle campaign :like a memory, a shared moment, highlighted by an epigraph with the brand’s promise. A DNA that puts human beings, the customers, at the heart of everything.

This new framework is also demonstrated through a completely redesigned brochure: headlines in a handwritten font highlighted by poetic watercolour strokes… revamped details that reposition the brand in a more premium environment.

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