Town of Mauguio Carnon

A seaside resort, agricultural land, deep-rooted Spanish traditions and a very active youth scene… these are just some of the multiple facets of the identity of the 7th city of the Hérault.

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Publishing

The challenge

Convey and express the richness and cultural diversity of the municipality through a strong and distinctive identity.

Our response

To create a unique and animated alphabet, specific to the equally original identity of Mauguio Carnon.

Fonts that reveal and showcase the city’s varied characters.

A town of character(s)

An i that becomes a pink flamingo, a C that becomes an anchor, an O that becomes a beach volleyball… By interweaving pictograms with the adjectives that describe the town of Mauguio Carnon, we can create much more than just words: we can read into them an atmosphere, an identity and a unique history.

Unlimited material

Tinged with emotion or shaded with colour, one moment full of life the next wonderfully peaceful, this new identity is infinitely adaptable, to suit your mood.

A new image

Mauguio Carnon is all this and much more…

A strong, differentiating visual identity that is full of life and that we can make our own.